There are two types of risk you need to consider - instrument risk (something happening to the funds that you invest your money in via Grünfin) and operational risk (something happening to Grünfin as a company).

Since we invest your money in freely traded sustainable ETFs provided by reputable asset managers, your instrument risk at Grünfin is the same as with buying the same ETFs via your bank.

We have also minimised operational risk in several ways.

Firstly, we hold our customers’ investment assets in a depository bank, separate from company assets. You are also free to sell or transfer your assets at any time during the holding period.

We are also regulated in Estonia as an investment firm by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (link to our operating authorisation). This brings additional guarantees to customers such as regular audits to our internal processes and data protection by financial authorities as well as operational risks being covered in the amount of €20,000 per investor by a member state guarantee fund.

Most importantly, in the extreme case of Grünfin’s failure or insolvency, we will transfer your assets, i.e. the sustainable ETFs in your portfolio, to a securities account in your bank. This means you will not lose your investment even if Grünfin is required to shut down.

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