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Which countries is Grünfin available in?
Which countries is Grünfin available in?

Grünfin is available across all of Europe (EU and EEA countries).

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You can set up a Grünfin account if you are a resident of any EU or European Economic Area country.

At the time, we are not able to serve customers outside of the EU and EEA countries.

The countries we can offer our service to are the following:

Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Portugal, France, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Italy, Poland, Romania, Malta, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Greece.

We are authorised by the Estonian financial supervision and resolution authority Finantsinspektsioon to operate as an investment firm. Estonia is a member of the European Union.

The license gives us the right to provide securities portfolio management services for clients and securities custody and management services as an ancillary service, and to provide related activities in the European Economic Area.

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