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What’s the difference between using Grünfin and buying ETFs over my bank?
What’s the difference between using Grünfin and buying ETFs over my bank?

You can take the hands-off approach with Grünfin and let us do all the research and rebalancing for you.

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We’re happy for every investor that takes the sustainability route. If investing is a hobby or profession for you and you want to take a DIY approach to sustainable investing, we have highlighted our investment principles in this blog post.

Activism is key

Just investing in good companies is not enough to reverse climate change or create a better society. We need to push major global corporations to do more. The big companies play a huge role in our planet and we need them to act if now.

🍃 We are actively involved with various big companies in our portfolios for them to do more for the environment and society.

🍃 We meet with their top management, we are vocal at shareholder meetings and we call on our ETF managers to vote on issues that are important to the climate and its people.

Your time matters

🍃 With Grünfin, you can take the hands-off approach and let us do all the research and portfolio rebalancing for you.

🍃 We start with an ETF universe of over 300,000 funds, analyse them based on multiple sustainability and risk criteria, and so far have selected the top 8 funds according to such criteria.

🍃 We then build portfolios with an applicable weight in each fund based on risk-return parameters.

🍃 We actively monitor the market and review our selection of sustainable ETFs on quarterly basis. If there are new and better sustainable ETFs available that meet our sophisticated criteria, we can add them to Grünfin portfolios or make replacements over time.

The cost

🍃 There is also a cost argument - if you want to fully replicate the portfolio having 8 instruments, the price in the bank or trading platform is usually for buying each instrument.

🍃 Our monthly fee is definitely the cheaper option for a regular investor, investing monthly into a diversified portfolio. No need to mention that regular investing and diversifications are the basic laws of finance.

All of this is difficult for one individual to do or it would consume a significant amount of your time. So why not let us do the work for you?

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