How does the pricing work?

Your Grünfin portfolio has a yearly fee of 0,7%. For example, if your portfolio's value is ~1000€, your fee would be approx 0,58€/month

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Your Grünfin portfolio has a yearly fee of 0,7%

🍃 The fee is calculated and charged from your portfolio monthly.

🍃 The fee is calculated by multiplying the monthly euro value of your portfolio by 0,05833% (i.e the 0,70% fee divided by 12).

🍃 For example, if your portfolio's average daily value in one month is 1000€, your fee for this month would be 0,58€.

The 0,7% fee covers:

🌱 building and managing your Grünfin portfolio

🌱 all transaction fees to buy and sell

🌱 keeping your funds safely in the bank

🌱 regular screening for the best green ETFs across all service providers

🌱 rebalancing your portfolio - not just to maintain risk levels but also to increase the portfolio returns on market movements

🌱 engaging with top leaders of the biggest companies in your portfolio to push them to more positive change.

No hidden fees!

How is the fee calculated?

The monthly euro value of your portfolio is determined by the average calendar daily value of your portfolio during the given month. This way you are not penalized when you send new funds at the end of the month. We update the portfolio’s value once every business day based on the daily price of the funds inside your portfolio, meaning the daily price will fluctuate due to market movements, plus any cash balance.

The monthly euro value is then multiplied by 0,05833%. This is how we arrive at the fee euro amount to be debited from your portfolio.


The value of your portfolio on June 1st is €200. You then contribute another €200 on June 16th, increasing the value to €400. The portfolio value will fluctuate every day based on market movements, but for simplicity’s sake in this example, let’s assume there are no market movements. As your portfolio value was €200 for the first half and €400 for the second half of June, your average daily value for the month is €300.

The value of €300 is then multiplied by 0,05833% to arrive at the monthly fee of €0,18.

The €0,18 fee is debited from the contribution made in July.

How is the fee calculated for the month when I sell my portfolio?

If you instruct a full sale of your portfolio, we will debit the fee applicable to that month from the sales proceeds (net proceeds). The monthly euro value for your portfolio during that final month is determined by the average calendar daily value of your portfolio during the given month, applying a euro value of zero for the days in which the portfolio contained no assets.

If a partial portfolio sale is instructed, we will calculate whether the remaining assets are large enough to likely cover that month’s fee. If the remaining assets are unlikely to cover the fee, we will deduct the fee from the partial sale proceeds.

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