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Grünfin’s Referral & Reward Terms
Grünfin’s Referral & Reward Terms

Principal terms of Grünfin's referral and other reward programs. Valid from 20.02.2024.

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  • By making a referral or participating in any other Grünfin reward program, you agree and accept these Referral Terms which constitute the entire agreement between us in relation to its subject matter.

  • If not clearly stated otherwise the amount of Grünfin reward given to the referrer or the referral is €20, however the amount may change during promotional periods. Grünfin may at times commit to pay certain other credits, bonuses or rewards (e.g. if you sign up a new portfolio within a certain timeframe etc) during specific promotional periods.

  • Grünfin reserves the right to suspend, terminate or change these Terms in our website. This will not impact our obligations in relation to providing rewards for any referrals or actions made before the suspension, termination or change of Terms.


  • The purpose of the referral program is to reward you when your friend joins Grünfin as a result of your referral, and to give your friend a small portfolio starting bonus.

  • You should never irresponsibly persuade a person to become a Grünfin customer without acknowledging the terms and risks related to investing, nor should you carelessly and randomly promote your referral code to strangers (e.g. post it on forums, coupon sites, in mass emails/messages etc).

  • Only new Grünfin users can be referred to Grünfin under referral bonus program. You can refer someone who has already been a user of Grünfin, but it will not result a right to referral reward.

  • If your referred friend doesn't register their email address on your referral link before they sign-up, then unfortunately we can't honour the referral reward.

  • To qualify for referral reward, a new user must credit their Grünfin portfolio with at least €20 as an initial portfolio payment, and in total at least €200 by the end of the first twelve months.

  • Grünfin may exclude from participation from any reward program anyone who breaches the Referral & Reward Terms and/or is believed to be taking unfair advantage of the offer.

  • Each referral (and each new customer) should be familiar with Grünfin's investment Terms & Conditions and consult an expert if necessary before making investment decisions.

Using your rewards

  • In the case of a referral bonus, if you have no active portfolio and you refer someone, the reward will only be valid once you activate your portfolio.

  • Grünfin reward is capped at €500. You can continue to refer people to Grünfin and they will receive their reward, but any rewards you receive from referrals will not be added to your account once you reach the €500 credit limit.

  • If you or the person you’ve referred close the Grünfin account or withdraw the investments within 12 months from receiving the reward, the reward is no longer valid and it will be removed from the account. The same applies if the person has not contributed at least €200 to their portfolio by the end of the first twelve months. These rules apply also to other Grünfin credits, bonuses, and rewards if not stipulated otherwise by us.

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