If you have a complaint, please send it to us via e-mail address [email protected].

At the minimum, please include the following information in your complaint:

  • Your name

  • Your date of birth and your identification number (if you have one)

  • The number of your investment portfolio (if applicable)

  • An explanation of the complaint

  • An e-mail address where we should reply

Our goal is to resolve all client complaints as quickly and transparently as possible.

We respond to complaints by e-mail in an immediate and proper manner (we may call you if you have requested a call and provided us with your phone number). First, you’ll receive an automatic reply, followed by a personalised reply.

We resolve complaints usually within one (1) but not more than within three (3) working

days. However, if your complaint is more complicated and we are unable to resolve it within three (3) working days, we will respond within three (3) working days to let you know the reasons for the delay and our following actions and deadlines.

In case you are not satisfied with our resolution of your complaint, you are allowed by law to turn to:

Please be informed that our (you and us) legal relations and our operations are subject to Estonian Laws and as an investment company, we are subject to Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority’s (in Estonian, Finantsinspektsioon) supervision.

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