We make sustainable and values-based investing accessible to people who want to invest small sums on a regular basis.

Our pricing model has two components - a monthly fee and a shared success fee.

The €3.90 monthly fee covers:

🌱 building and managing your personal portfolio

🌱 all transaction fees to buy and sell the funds

🌱 keeping your funds safely in the bank

🌱 regular screening for the best sustainable ETFs across all service providers

🌱 rebalancing your portfolio - not just to maintain risk levels but also to increase the portfolio returns on market movements

🌱 engaging with top leaders of the biggest companies in our portfolios to push them to more positive change.

We make use of our economies of scale to lower the cost for each individual investor. This is how we’re able to keep our monthly fee at €3.90.

To help you get started with sustainable investing on Grünfin, you don’t have to pay any fees until your portfolio value (contributions/payments + gain) reaches €1000.

Did you know?

🌍 If you wanted to replicate the portfolio by buying individual ETFs every month, transaction fees would consume a big part of your investment, not to speak of the time that goes into investment decisions.

🌍 Management fees at banks usually depend on your portfolio size. They increase along with your portfolio.

Our monthly fee stays the same regardless of the size of your portfolio or monthly payment. In fact, the larger your Grünfin portfolio grows, the lower the relative cost gets.

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