You can set up monthly payments to your portfolio and also, make one-off contributions. There is no minimum amount required and you can adjust your payments at any time, for free.

🌱 Set up monthly payments

Log in to your bank account, set up a recurring payment (standing order), add our banking details, and forget about funding your account. You can find necessary banking details in your portfolio Payments view.

If Direct Debit is available in your area, you can set up recurring payments via Direct Debit directly from your Grünfin portfolio Payments page.

With long term regular payments you can build up your wealth and take advantage of the cost average effect.

🌱 Make a one-off payment

Log into your bank account and make a bank transfer for a one-time payment. You can find necessary banking details in your portfolio view. There is no limit to how many one-time payments you can make to fund your portfolio, and we only charge our usual €3.90 monthly fee.

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